Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Patient Reviews

I highly recommend the biostation. They help keep me feeling great and that can get tougher as we get older. They will do your bloodwork and the Dr will put together your customized Bio ID and then will discuss the findings and reccomendations with you. Tgey slso have very convenient hours.

Alan Ross is a great patient advocate, easy to talk to and easy to get when you have questions. I recommend you give them a try. -Lee Freud

I had my blood drawn yesterday morning, and I am currently waiting to see the doctor next week.

Mara Hoine was the one who booked my appointment, and walked me through the entire process. She was very informative and kind. I was possibly going to hold off, and just go off the labs my GP took. Mara explained the importance of knowing exactly what is going on inside my body, and she stressed the importance of having my hormones checked, and getting down to the root cause. Which makes perfect sense because I am not feeling my best right now. I would recommend the biostation to everyone, and have them speak with Mara. She was patient, kind and very knowledgeable. The biostation is where it’s at! Everyone needs to go! -Cristy Anne Belmer

I highly recommend the Biostation. After having a baby I was very unbalanced and had cortisol stress levels through the roof. The Biostation helped me to re balance my self and I am feeling much better.
-Joanna Guida FitzGerald

“If you had asked me three months ago which of Snow White’s dwarfs I resembled, I would have said Sleepy, Grumpy, Dopey, and Sneezy! I was experiencing all of the typical symptoms of menopause, fearing that this is what life had in store for me at “This Age.” I was exercising and eating healthy, but my waistline continued to grow, lack of sleep made it difficult to function, and between my allergies and hot flashes, I was miserable. After 90 days of following Dr. Bloom’s protocol, I was a new woman. My husband was so amazed by my progress that he is planning a visit to the biostation, too!” -Jeanne, age 51

“My experience with Dr. Bloom at the biostation has been amazing. The care I have received has been one of a kind. Before I began my therapy I had no energy, libido, stamina or a positive state of mind. Three months later after following the regimen specifically designed for my individual needs by Dr. Bloom, I feel like a different person. My energy levels have skyrocketed, and I have a very positive mental state now. My muscle mass has returned and I have also been able to reduce my body fat percentage. My libido has returned and it is better than I ever remember. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Bloom and the biostation over and over again to anyone wanting to make a significant, measurable change in their personal health.” -Todd, age 34

“I contacted Dr. Bloom on the advice of a friend shortly after turning 58. Felt old and rundown. Dr. Bloom set me up with a personalized program. Now, about six weeks into the program, I’m feeling much better and have gotten back into the gym with good results. I’m already hearing things like ‘I would never have guessed you to be in your late 50’s.’ the biostation is great.” -Scott, age 58

“For years I have been struggling with energy, libido and lack of drive. Meeting the biostation team has changed my life. I look and feel like I’m 30 again and now live a healthier, happier life. I feel ALIVE again!”
-Rick, age 52

“Not only did the biostation help me find a new meaning in life with my health, the customer service and time to help me understand everything was priceless. A true group of professionals that know the business better than anyone. The physician really was extremely thorough with his full examination and blood work review. I would recommend the biostation team to anyone to achieve better health & better quality of life!”
-Martin, age 49

“Three years ago I was going through the roughest time in my life. I was overweight, no energy, and feeling like I was old! I was referred to the biostation and it’s been the best 3 years of my life. I have a newfound meaning of what being healthy and living life to the fullest means. People don’t even recognize me. The programs that the biostation’s network of doctors and consultants helped me with have been without a doubt life saving! Thank you to the biostation, you have a client for life.” -Johnathan, age 45

“Initially when I walked into the Dr’s office, I was suffering from fatigue, weight gain, mood swings, hot flashes, irregular sleep patterns and other perimenopausal symptoms. Within 2 months of treatment, many of these issues started to disappear. After 5 months on Hormone Therapy, now I’m feeling the best I’ve felt in 10 years. Sleep has improved dramatically, and I have no hot flashes and I’m able to focus and concentrate again! My energy has skyrocketed! Life is good again and you guys will have a patient for life! Cannot thank you enough for everything you do! Thank you to the biostation!” -Susanna, age 47

“After menopause I had the worst sweats, mood swings and lack of sex drive. the biostation literally saved my marriage. Every step of the way from setting up for blood work to helping me understand what is wrong with my health to the promptness in getting my medication. The attention to my health and blood work far exceeded any other doctors.” -Angela, age 50

“After years of being misdiagnosed by my old Hormone Replacement Therapy company I found the biostation. After getting blood work and visiting the Doctor I knew this was the best option. Sure enough 5 years later my health is better than 20 years ago, I am more active than most people within 10 years of my age and I can finally sleep like a baby. Best network of professionals by FAR.” -Hugh, age 45